The state of EarCandy, Orders and our direction

Its no secret, the “pandemic” sadly put the music industry flat on its back. We are grateful to have survived the rigid and nearly impossible to navigate economy our industry was UN-voluntarily thrown into.

I am sorry to say we lost Vivian, our client services rep who was one of the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the client services field we have ever had the pleasure to work with. She shared her decades of experience with us and taught us a lot. After a good, solid 21 year run, we have a lot of appreciation for a lot of people who stuck with us through the thick and the thin, like wise, we have stuck with them and look forward to the next 21 years.

After a lot of meetings, internally and externally, we have decided that it is time to change the process in which we will be running EarCandy starting now and for the years to come. As everyone knows, the cost of lumber has sky rocketed, unless you buy your hardware from China, which we have always refused to do, there are a lot of things that are getting very hard to get manufactured in the USA. We are cutting back the product line and will continue to make what is staying in our product line, by hand,  from raw materials that are made in America.

Mass production of gear has never been our goal. Meticulous attention to detail, unique and advanced design implementation to deliver phenomenal tone,  making something special that gives people enjoyment to have and play through is what we have always focused on. Quality, not quantity. This has been and will remain the primary focus of our business. We will continue to center on what we are the very best at, what we want to build,  and who we want to build things for.

We are not going to cater to the current climate of intolerance and impatience for the time it takes to hand build and dote over every aspect of  our part in the voice of your talent. The time any worthy musician has spent on countless hours practicing, rehearsing, experimenting and educating themselves to deliver a professional performance of their craft is taken very seriously here at EarCandy.

We will be selectively building extremely high end, professional artist grade gear and we are going to take the necessary time to do so. It is our job to make sure you are confidently achieving  the highest quality of sound you can imagine when you are out performing live or tracking your material in the studio. These elements combined, like anything good, take time.

Some of  our models are no longer being batched for availability, This is to free up time for the models  intended for the professional studio and concert venue level players that our product line is associated with. We have set up and are maintaining our focus on building the gear that you, the performing professional can rely on to make and leave your mark in music industry. This is going to benefit those who deserve it most,


We will be pre building some cabs for immediate availability, that are ready to ship and can be found HERE

For Guitar, we have switched over to two speaker models by Amperian who is a company making everything by hand here in the USA. We are carrying a few Warehouse guitar speakers and our bass cabs will be switching over to Fatial Pro Bass drivers.

Any cabs NOT in the READY TO SHIP category WILL have up to a 6 month wait time.

Thank you for reading this and please take care!