About Viking Ship Pedal Boards

With Our head builder’s ancestry being Norwegian and family tree being full of distant Grandfathers and Uncles that were true Vikings and Norsemen, it only seems fitting to name a product line after the heritage that runs through his veins. The Viking Ship pedal boards resemble the physical build of their designer. Stocky, heavy duty, tough as nails with an attitude for war, these boards are as tough as the Viking War ships they are named after. Tough as nails and built for the long haul!

Permanent FX-ture's

Home of the Steel FX pedal deck, housed in a 3/4″ Pine enclosure and elevated enough to run all of your signal and power cables under, the Draken Board is solid and easy to set up.The expanded steel deck is 14 gauge cold rolled 3/4″ expanded steel, sturdy enough to support a 250 pound human but flexible enough to allow the deck of the board to flex, making it safe to use pedal couplers. Equipped with 1/4″ in and out jacks, FX send and return ports and multiple power options, The Draken will prove itself to be an indispensable part of any professional rig. 




Viking Ship FX pedal boards and Parts
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