Viking Ship FX Loop Signal Governor


The VS FX Loop Signal Governor features:

  • Silver soldered together with internal Mogami signal cable.
  • 10% Tolerance A500K Audio linear taper potentiometers for smooth and even control.
  • Two 2″ Inch wide by four Inch long set of self-adhesive “Hook and Loop” Velcro strips.
  • Top of the line EarCandy ¼” input jacks with our cable retention system technology.
  • 3/8-inch diameter & 3/8″ high brass bushing and shaft are used for a low-profile VS BOX top.
  • All Terminations are 3M heat shrink sealed.
  • Housed in an American made Die cast Aluminum housing.

The purpose behind the VS FX Loop signal governor Black Box is having the ability to govern the signal strength coming out of your amp’s FX Loop as well as governing the strength of the return signal.

It is Simple!

  1. Run a signal cable from the amp FX Loop send into the FX Loop send input of the VS box.
  2. Plug a signal cable into the opposite side of the VS FX Loop send out.
  3. Plug that into the input of the first FX pedal in your FX loop pedal chain.
  4. Hook up your FX pedals from pedal to pedal like you normally would.
  5. Plug the output of the last pedal into the FX Loop return input in the VS Box.
  6. Run a signal cable from the FX Loop return output in the VS Box into the amps FX Loop return.
  7. Now you are ready to adjust FX send and return levels with the provided Chicken head knobs.
  8. It is very convenient and simple to use.
  9. It Allows for extremely accurate  FX Loop calibration

With both send and return sides having A500K Linear pots allow signal strength control of the send and return of your FX loop. So, you can have pedals dimed but govern signal strength going in, out or both to and from the amp FX loop. We experimented extensively with three pots, the A250, B250 B500 and then the A500K. The A500K Linear pot was the missing link and works great, especially if you run a buffer anywhere in your FX Loop chain. The FX Loop Signal Governor is a dead silent, clean signal governor.

This is exactly what you can use to run signal heavy FX loop pedals full bore but govern & control how hard they hit the FX loop and how hot the FX loop send coming from the amp is. . Since this is a passive signal control solution, no adapter or power supply is needed and there is complete transparency in the send an return signals.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in

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