The Viking Ship FX Loop Brain Box


The Viking Ship FX Loop Brain Box

This is a simple problem-solving box that accommodates keeping the FX loop pedal portion of your FX system plugged into the send and return of your amplifier’s FX loop, saving time, wear and tear on your inputs and cables.

The FX loop brain box has a smaller and shorter footprint than most pedals. This Brain box is also passive, so it is silent and takes up an extraordinarily small space  on your board and does not require any power.

The Plate on the top side of the box is labeled with large text and is easy to see and is fast and easy to hook up. Equipped with our state of the art 1/4″ jacks and “cable retention system”, hook up your FX loop send and return pedals, tuck this loop box in a convenient spot on your board and forget about it.

Setting up is a 1-2-minute process depending on how far your amp is from your board. The FX send and return jacks are on the top and the in and out jacks are on the side, creating a 90-degree angle, making identification and hook up between the box and the amp very convenient as well as making vertical placement of the Looper box very easy, taking up even less room on your board.

Housed in a Die-cast case and wired with Mogami signal cable makes this an easy, extremely durable, affordable addition to any FX loop pedal system. This Loop Brain Box comes with a 2-inch-wide by 4 inch long hook and loop set of black velcro strips for sturdy and discrete attachment anywhere on your board.

The Black Aluminum plate has:
FX RETURN with corresponding arrows in polished chrome aluminum for a very visible and easy installation process.

The Loop Brain Box comes with:
A Two Inch wide by four Inch long set of self-adhesive “Hook and Loop” Velcro strips or four, no slip runner feet.
It is very durably made with top of the line Amphenol ¼” input jacks, silver soldered together with Mogami signal cable.
All Terminations are 3M heat shrink sealed.
This is a passive junction and does not require power.
The Loop Brain Box is a dead silent, clean signal distributor housed in an American made Die cast Aluminum housing.

This Brain Box represents a more simplistic operation but is made with the same high quality materials and performs at the same professional level as its larger more complicated 2 Tier Brain Box.

What do you need this for?
That is a great question and there is a 2-part answer to it.
A – It is very convenient and simple to use.
B – If you don’t use battery’s in your pedals, it allows you to keep your entire FX loop based rig permanently plugged in.
Once it is set up,  all you have to plug into this box is your amplification send and return loop jacks.After that, everything else is safe, secure and done. Having your Loop FX pedal system installed in a stationary junction is also a nice theft deterrent.

The Viking Ship FX Pedal Board Brain Box

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in

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