The Vertical BassBomb 2×12


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The Vertical BassBomb 2×12

  • Hand made in our facility in Indiana USA with all American made materials.
  • Constructed from all 3/4″ tone woods.
  • There is zero MDF or particle board used anywhere in our cabs.
  • Front loaded, Quad ported, floating baffle.
  • All steel hardware.
  • Choice of handles.
  • Equipped with our wiring harness and Lichtenstein Neutrik SpeakON 1/4″ combo input jacks.
  • Point to point hand wired with silver solder.
  • Wired with 12 American wire gauge acoustic research speaker wire.
  • 4 or 8 ohms with 2 harness options.
  • Power Handling = 1000 watts RMS
  • Frequency Response 45 Hz to 5 Khz
  • Loaded with an Eminence Delta 12LF and Kappa 12 drivers
  • All cabs come with steel reinforced rubber feet.
  • Height = 28 inches, Including the Rubber feet.
  • Width = 17.5 Inches
  • Depth = 16 Inches
  • Weight = 55 Pounds

The BassBomb 2×12 effortlessly delivers articulate deep lows and smooth rich highs, feed it enough power and you and your listeners will be warming yourselves with room filling tone. This Bass cabinet handles equalization very well and will bring new life to your instruments tone control. You will instantly notice how the tone knob on your instrument has a greater range of expression, and small adjustments made will be clearly heard. This Cab will inspire you to find new tones from your instrument and amp.

Almost small enough to hide behind a drummer’s floor tom, it delivers more than enough sound to cover most stages with substantial authority. The BassBomb’s range can faithfully reproduce the tones of extended range instruments. This is a deep sounding cabinet that will keep your lowest notes clearly defined and hard hitting. Its sonic reliability will enable you to achieve clarity from your bass that can get lost through other bass cabinets in the lowest registers of the instrument.

The BassBomb has a low-end handling capability and delivery that allow extreme effects that commonly overwhelm industry standard backline and studio rental cabinets to be articulated with clarity. This cab can easily handle detuned 5 string bass guitars (tuned ADGCF) to Standard P and Jazz style bass with clarity and ease. You have never heard your low notes articulated so quickly and clearly. The Low mid and middle frequencies are as clearly delivered and stated in the same fashion. The treble or high end is in the range that realistic bass frequencies belong and cut through the mix in a warm, crystal clear and concussive fashion that makes your timing with the drummer authoritative and absolute.

EarCandy does not employ horns, tweeters, crossovers or L-pads in our bass cabinets, therefore the entire body of tone radiating from the almost 180-degree field of sound is very organic and full. We have been told the terminology “Sonically Brutal” applies to this cab, especially with one of our Ozlo 2×12 cabinets sitting underneath. This cab, much like the Sovereign 1×12, Asaph 1×15 and the Ozlo is something you must truly experience in person to grasp the gravity and depth this cab will deliver.

Two different drivers are installed in the BassBomb, the Eminence Delta 12LF and the Eminence Kappa 12. Both drivers offer very similar characteristics in that the Delta 12 LF (LF standing for Low Frequency) does just that, offers a lower frequency set than the kappa. Though the Kappa’s Magnet is considerably larger which offers more depth and punch to the bass frequency set that the kappa represents. We have used this combination of Eminence specific drivers for 2 decades.

The Kappa’s higher most audible frequency, 5Khz or 5,000Hz comes in at right about 96DB and the frequencies higher than that start to significantly drop off from there.

The Kappa’s lower most audible frequency, 80Hz hits hard at right about 95DB, peaking at 5Khz or 5,000Hz at right about 96DB with a nice smooth peak at 2.6Khz or 2,600hz at 103DB delivering a relatively smooth response from point to point to point = 80Hz @95DB up to the 2.6Khz @103DB and down in DB but up in frequency to the 4Khz @97DB.

The Delta LF’s higher most audible frequency, 4Khz or 4,000Hz comes in at right about 90DB with the second most higher audible frequency, 2.7-3Khz or 2,700 – 3,000hz comes in at right about 93-94DB.

The Delta LF’s lower most audible frequency, 75Hz hits hard at right about 93DB, peaking at 2.2Khz or 2,200Hz at right about 98DB, delivering a relatively smooth curve between those 2 points.

Okay, so what does all of this mean? Broken down, the 2 things to look at combined with the Human anatomical compression / ability to hear this stuff is, Kappa, 80Hz at 95DB, Delta LF 75Hz @93DB, that is a small difference of 5Hz in frequency coming from a driver with a voice coil 1/2″ larger and a magnet 1.5 pounds heavier = The Kappa. However, the Delta LF has an Xmax < click on that< 1.6mm larger in travel. If it was not for the Kappa’s ability in the higher frequencies (5Khz or 5,000Hz coming in at right about 96DB) it would be comparing apples and oranges but its not. If you are a finger player and love the low warm hard hitting but softer feel of bass note delivery, the Delta 12 LF is for you. If you slap and pop, play with a pick or are a more concussive finger player and like that grind of the pick, slap and pop to jump out with bite and articulation, the Kappa is for you. If you like both, you are looking at the right bass cabinet.

The Eminence Delta 12 LF 4 or 8 ohm availability|
|The Eminence Kappa 12 available in 8 ohms only
Maximum Linear Excursion – Xmax 4.8mm Maximum Linear Excursion – Xmax 3.2mm
Power Rating* / Program Power 1000 Watts Power Rating* / Program Power 900 Watts
Watts 500 Watts Watts 450 Watts
Resonance 51 Hz Resonance 45 Hz
Usable Frequency Range 44 Hz – 3 kHz Usable Frequency Range 62 Hz – 4.2 Khz
Sensitivity* 94.6 DB Sensitivity* 99.3
Magnet Weight 56 OZ / 3.5 LBS Magnet Weight 80 Oz / 5 LBS
Voice Coil Diameter 2.5″ or 64 mm Voice Coil Diameter 3″ or 76 mm

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Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 in

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Cabinet Dimensions

Height – 28 inches = Including the Rubber feet.
Width – 17.5 Inches
Depth – 16 Inches
Weight – 60 Pounds


This cab comes loaded with an Eminence Kappa and Delta 12LF