The Mini 2X6


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The Ear Candy Mini 2×6

  • Hand Made in our facility in Indiana USA with all American made materials.
  • Constructed from All 3/4″ Tone Woods.
  • All 1/2″ Maple front and back.
  • There is Zero MDF or particle board used anywhere in our cabs.
  • Front loaded, Twin Ported, floating baffle.
  • All steel hardware.
  • Top strap handle (optional)
  • Equipped with our wiring harness and “Cable retention system” technology.
  • Point to Point hand wired with silver solder.
  • Wired with 14 American wire gauge acoustic research speaker wire.
  • Loaded with The EarCandy SugarCone 6.5″ Guitar speakers.
  • 4, 8 or 16 Ohms, 100 Watts.
  • All cabs come with steel reinforced rubber feet
  • Height = 10 Inches, Including rubber the feet.
  • Width = 15.5 Inches.
  • Depth = 8 Inches.
  • Weight = 15 pounds.

The 2×6 is a large sounding cab with a wide sound dispersion. It is perfect for those 5 to 50-watt tube amps because the cab is fast reacting with a lot of clarity. This cab organically voices the tones your guitars and amps generate, and it does not color your tone. The 2×6 has plenty of bass, middle and treble and is very perceptive to changes in your amps tone stack or equalization dynamics.

We designed this to deliver the same kind of full tone our larger 2x cabs deliver but at lower volume levels. This cab design gives us the ability to create a large tone at lower volume levels where you can push your amp and get lots of unaltered guitar and amp tone. EarCandy’s Twin ported baffle allows the speaker to breath with the air coming in and out of the cab. Because of the way the porting works, the speakers are floating, they do not have to fight gravity or air pressure. They get exactly what they need which allows for more warmth, sustain, tone, clarity, volume and sound dispersion.

Because of our porting design, the entire area in front of the cab is the sweet spot, our cabs are not beamy. The cabs are warm and cut through a mix with measured, appropriate authority. You can use the Mini 2×6 with a full band and be heard with no issues. You will notice an almost 180-degree sound dispersion emitting from the front of the cab so when you walk around the room the cab will sound the same. You do not have to be directly in front of the cab to audibly benefit from the tone of the cab.Click the icons below for more information.

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 13 in

The above dimensions are the shipping dimensions for this cab.
We ship all of our guitar and bass speaker cabinets with UPS or Fed-Ex, Insured. All Cab shipping prices are for the lower 48 United States only. Shipping to Hawaii, Puerto Rico & Alaska will require an additional payment before the cab can ship. We do ship to APO and FPO address’s for US Military service members. We do ship over seas to Australia, France, Spain, Italy & The United Kingdom. In order to process a shipment to one of these locations, please use the CONTACT US page and send us your full ship to address and we will E-Mail you back with a full shipping cost quote.

Cabinet Dimensions

Height 10 Inches = Including the feet.
Width 15.5 Inches.
Depth 8 Inches.
Weight = 15 pounds.

The Speakers

The EarCandy Mini 2×6 comes loaded with our in house SugarCone 6.5" Guitar speakers.