The BuzzBomb 2×12 Standard Edition SOLD


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The EarCandy BuzzBomb 2×12

This is our Standard production model BuzzBomb 2×12, for custom options, please visit our Custom Shop.

  • SOLD
  • Hand made in our facility in Indiana USA with all American made materials.
  • Constructed from all 3/4″ tone woods.
  • There is zero MDF or particle board used anywhere in our cabs.
  • Front loaded, twin ported, floating baffle.
  • All steel hardware.
  • All Black Tolex.
  • Equipped with our wiring harness and “Cable retention system” technology.
  • Point to point hand wired with silver solder.
  • Wired with 14 American wire gauge acoustic research speaker wire.
  • All cabs come with steel reinforced rubber feet.
  • Height = 18 Inches, Including the rubber feet.
  • Width = 28 Inches.
  • Depth = 16 Inches.
  • Weight = 50 lbs loaded with most speakers.

The BuzzBomb 2×12 is engineered with an unlimited ability to grasp, and project that chest pumping low end that seems to become muddy or disappear from a common 2×12 or 4×12 cabinet. The BuzzBomb also projects the sweet, bell part of your tone, coupled with a full, warm, top end that cuts through with authority and definition. With our tone woods, hardware, American made guitar speakers, wiring harness choices, cab tolex colors, and grill combinations, your imagination is only the beginning.

Because of the BuzzBomb’s touch sensitivity, clarity, and concise projection, the subtle and drastic nuances of your playing will be brought to the forefront of your playing. The BuzzBomb provides a vast amount of versatility to your bass, middle, and treble equalization with balanced dynamic efficiency that live and breathe with your personal touch, amp, guitar, and FX systems. The BuzzBomb is constructed with a carefully mixed and balanced combination of 3/4 Inch tone wood baffles, and cabinet panels. Our process creates a big, solid tone chamber with an uncanny amount of efficiency, sounding large at even bedroom practice volume levels.

Your sound man will love how it greatly increases your stage volume and gives you full control of your tone into a glassy sustain-full wall of sound. The BuzzBomb can handle anything from a 7 string de-tuned modern metal distortion all the way to 13 gauge, ultra clean, hallow body jazz tones. You will instantly notice the full, thick, wide projection of pure, clear tone with natural sustain and controllable compression.

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Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 in

The above dimensions are the shipping dimensions for this cab.
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Cabinet Dimensions

Height – 18 Inches = Including the feet.
Width – 28 Inches.
Depth – 16 Inches.
Weight – 50 lbs loaded with most speakers.


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