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The Speaker Break Download

This Applies to any size Guitar, Bass, PA, Pro- Audio, Hi-Fi, Home Audio, Car Audio and Commercial Audio Speaker or Speaker set ups.

      1.Low end easeEarCandy LLCEarCandy.Com Guitar Speaker Break in CD tool - EarCandy.Com

Simply play the CD into your amplifier with the amp set up as clean as possible. Do not add any gain to the amp channel. Plug the signal cable from the CD or MP3 player into your guitar, bass or PA amp with the amp set as clean as possible. Turn the amp up to no more than 5 watts. Playing the cd loud or at more than 5 watts is ok, but we do not recommend it as it is not necessary for the speaker break in CD to be played loud to accomplish its optimum performance and goal.

The EarCandy speaker break in tool is professionally engineered so that you do not have to match the speaker’s voltage requirement. It runs 5 to 65 cycle variations with crossed phase polarities. The cross phased polarities persuade the cone to wiggle back and forth in its X-max at high and low rates of speed sets.

This process duplicates playing through the speaker for 10 hours at approximately 50 watts, however this tool achieves this at very low to moderate volume levels that can be tolerated by your family and pets. You can isolate your cab and amp in a bedroom (even in an apartment) and the achieved break in result of playing this 75-minute CD is the same as playing for 10 hours at very high volume levels.

Running the tracks 4 times for a total of 300 minutes (5 Hours) will achieve the same result as playing through the speaker at its rated wattage level for 40 hours.

The EarCandy.Com Speaker break in tool is invaluable because once you own the tracks, you can use it an unlimited amount of times on new cabs, new speaker installs and you never have to pay for an incorrectly executed overpriced factory break in process again.

The first 75 minute run will warm the speaker’s response and take the harsh crispiness off of the top end and greatly improve sustain, The Second 75 Minute run will further exercise the cone and surround, extending the bass response of the speaker (or speakers if you have a 2x or 4x guitar speaker cabinet)

The third 75 Minute run will further exercise the cone, surround spyder and voice coil increasing warmth, body, sustain, clarity and tone of the speaker or speakers and the fourth 75 minute run will polish off any remaining stiff components and finalize your speakers break in time.

We employed this on new speakers we installed in cabs and delivered these speaker cabs to performing artists that would throw the speaker right into the mix in live and studio settings and amazed performers, producers and sound men alike. You can play the tracks through your speaker cab using your computers headphone out, a home stereo or CD player with the headphone out going to your amp. The tracks do not have to be played loud for it to work. The files are MP3 files so an MP3 player may also be used for your convenience.

Other companies that offer factory broken in speakers run the speaker at abusive volume levels to the point where they must stop the process and let the speaker cool down for an hour. This is not recommended and will shorten the life of the motor structure leading to eventual total failure of the speaker. It is akin to overheating a new automobile engine and then letting it cool off for an hour.

The way the EarCandy speaker break in tool was produced, creates simulated decibel levels as high as 140db at wattage levels as low as 2 to 5 watts, preventing over heating of the voice coil, avoiding damage that may not show up for 6 months to a year. The End result of employing this speaker break in download is larger Bass and low mid’s and mid-range response with warmer clarity, articulation, depth and definition. It also provides subtle reduction in high end frequencies that sound harsh and undesirable to the ear.

This process also softens the cone, surround spyder and motor structure providing more sustain and body to the overall tone of ANY guitar speaker. All without blaring the speaker with unnecessary wattage levels that can cause unforeseen damage in the future life of the speaker because the voice coil is never over heated. The coil is warmed, so it will expand and contract slightly, creating a safe, fast and proper coil break in with NO possibility of any damage in the long term.

If you notice, many speaker companies provide only a 1-year warranty, this is because the damage that occurs when the break in process is overdone and inevitably can and will cause total failure of the speaker motor structure. EarCandy guarantee’s this will not happen when our speaker break in tool is implemented correctly. Our guitar speaker break in is quite simple and easy to use quietly and provides a safe, thorough, quiet and fast break in process that will allow you to enjoy your speaker or speakers for a lifetime.

An unforeseen benefit of this guitar speaker break in tool was when we employed it into guitar speaker cabs that had been used for years with only certain genres of music, the break in tool exercised those speakers in ranges the speakers had never experienced and raised the overall tone and performance level of speakers professional performers thought had been broken in for a long time. We like to look at it like a Guitar speaker break in and subsequent guitar speaker tune up tool. The Tune up on speakers that have been played through for years only took one 75-minute run.

We have spent a LARGE amount of $ and time to develop and copy right this speaker break in tool to work for Guitar, Bass, Car Audio, Home Audio, Commercial Audio & P.A. Speaker break in for applications such as ceiling speakers, public announcement speakers in school and college campus buildings and places of work like call centers, factory’s, department stores, shopping malls and more. If you are needing a Keyboard or Acoustic guitar speaker break in tool, utilizing this speaker break in tool will deliver the same desired effect.