Organic Timbre Rhapsody G12F 12″ Guitar Speaker, 8ohm, 300W


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It might look like an EVM12L, but The Organic Timbre Rhapsody G12F ushers in a new era of guitar speaker for the guitar player looking to break away from the pack and craft their own tone. Too often with neutral and sterile sounding speakers the lack of richness makes playing unforgiving and unnecessarily difficult.

With a creamy, yet clear tone and smooth high end, the fatiguing harshness of traditional guitar speakers is eliminated. The visceral combination of play-ability, clarity, smoothness, and musicality gives you complete control over your sonic destiny.

This is the speaker that made the Scholz Sugar cone sound average!

The Rhapsody G12F is a great solution for amp modeling users who want the feel of a traditional guitar cab (Axe-Fx, Kemper, Positive Grid, Line 6 Helix, Eleven Rack, etc)

This 12″ speaker is specially-designed to handle 300W and provides transparent headroom necessary to work well with modeling amplifiers.
The Organic Timbre is driven to develop and produce uncompromising guitar speakers to meet the needs of modern guitar players; overcoming the drawbacks of traditional “vintage” style guitar speakers.

A 300W monster, the Rhapsody G12F started life as a robust woofer and is then carefully tuned for tone and play-ability. Unique to the Rhapsody G12F is how easy and refreshing it is to play. By eliminating the fatiguing harshness of typical guitar speakers, the Rhapsody G12F frees the guitarist to express his/her music without inhibition.

12” build is a drop-in replacement for standard 12” guitar speakers
300W power handling: transparent headroom needed for modeling amplifiers
99dB sensitivity
2.5” voice coil diameter
8ohm impedance

Designed in Virginia and assembled in the USA, Organic Timbre’s Rhapsody G12F is an extremely high end, very intuitively designed and extremely well made guitar speaker.

EarCandy worked with the designer / builder Wei-Han and he ordered one of our Sovereign 1×12 cabs to showcase this speaker at trade shows. He said “The EarCandy Sovereign is the best cab I have ever installed this speaker in” There will be in link on the Organic Timbre page that will take you to our Sovereign that is identical to the one Wei-Han got from us. Be sure to use gbasefamily in the coupon code during checkout for a discount on the speaker and Sovereign 1×12. This coupon code is only available to our Gbase clients.

We will also throw in one of our speaker break in CD’s at no extra charge.

Diameter: 12″
Power handling: 300W
Sensitivity: 99dB
Frequency range: 70Hz – 5.5kHz
Impedance: 8ohm
Magnet Type: Ferrite
Weight: 17lbs
Voice coil diameter: 2.5″
Resonant frequency: 50Hz

This company has changed its name to and you can see here our affiliation with them. Steve Von Till used one of these for all of his clean tones on the last album from Neurosis “Fires within Fires”

Steve Von Till (Neurosis, Steve Von Till Band)
​JB Aubry, aka BenoA (Gear & guitar enthusiasts, independent musician)
​Kyle Ashley (Greg Billings Band, Seaside Music)
​Tim Paulsen (Ear Candy Cabs)

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 12 in