Mullard Tropical Fish Treble Bleed Mod for 4 5 and 6 string Bass guitars


EarCandy Treble rush mod for 4 5 and 6 string Bass guitars

The EarCandy Treble rush kit is designed to extenuate the high end from your bass guitar and pickups, This allows you to do away with the sterile plastic and clicky sounding horns in your bass cabs. After much research we have found that the relationship between the horn, crossover and speakers in bass cabs is actually a detriment to the natural tone of the Bass guitar instrument itself.

The Treble rush Mod keeps the tone and volume more consistent as it flows through and is controlled by the volume pot. After a lot of experimentation with 4 and 5 string, active and passives bass’s this IS the’ choice for a vintage sounding Fat, sweet, warm, defined and well rounded Bass tone. The Mullard Tropical fish caps, made in Holland, are highly sought after for mods in all kinds of gear.  This cap combined with the Vishay metal film resistor sounds Far superior to any other mods or tweeters out there. These are genuine Old School Tropical Fish polyester film type caps from the late ’60s, Nothing made since the 1960’s sound as good as these.

You will see other Mods sloppily put together, simply twisting a cheap resistor to the prongs of a capacitor. We do not do this, we carefully hand wind each prong from each component together.

These are new, never used and come with our standard warranty. These are very easy to install and are the best sounding, most affordable mod you could do for your bass.

EarCandy’s Tropical Fish Tone Rush Treble Bleed are kits made from VMFR (Vishay Metal Film Resistor’s) and Vintage 1950’s NOS Type 93  Polyester Mullard Caps. Mullard is also well known for their high quality tubes.We check all of our caps for values with a DATS HDPC based system.

Turning down the volume on your often sucks out the high frequencies and muddies your tone. This popular mod retains clarity and treble frequencies when you turn the volume down. Guitars that professional guitarists use for studio and live performance have this modification in them.

The 150k ohm, VMFR resistors rated at 1/2watt from Vishay Dale, USA 150K 1/4 watt 1% tolerance mil-spec metal film resistors are smaller than they used to be, (Pre Vietnam War) they don’t take up as much room as your old carbon comps. These fit better into small circuits, still rated at 1/2w, and they’re a top notch brand name, not knock-offs.

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