2× Parallel High Definition Wiring Harness


The EarCandy MIL SPEC 2× Parallel High Definition Wiring Harness

  • Hand made in our facility in Indiana USA with all American made materials.
  • This harness will work with any 2x configuration.
  • No soldering is required for a proper installation.
  • This is a simple plug and play harness.
  • The harness does not affect the ohm load.
  • Your speaker determines the ohm load.
  • Designed for use with any speaker cab.
  • Made with DUAL 4/20 AWG Ultra-Pure Copper Quad-twisted conductors.
  • OFC pure copper, high strand count speaker cable
  • We hand wire and solder every harness with silver solder.
  • Choose from Pre Tinned ends or Gold plated Quick Disconnects
  • Positive + & Negative (+ is the Red clip and is the Black clip)
  • The diagram for this is the last picture in the row of pictures.
  • Ready to install with everything pre soldered and assembled.
  • We use the best input jack’s available.
  • Built with 28 Inches of cable for an easy install.
  • All terminations are sealed and protected for added durability.
  • Made with tight quality-controlled manufacturing standards.
  • Terminations are of 100% consistent physical reliability.
  • Heated to 250°F for a skintight, flame retardant & flexible fit.
  • Water & condensation proof at vastly different temperature ranges.
  • MIL SPEC = essential technical requirements for items manufactured to military standards.
  • This harness installed correctly will wire:
  • Two 4 ohm speakers to 2 ohms.
  • Two 8 Ohm speakers to 4 Ohms.
  • Two 16 ohm speakers to 8 ohms

EarCandy 2x High Definition Quad conductor Speaker Cabinet Wiring harness with a Parallel out.EarCandy 2x High Definition Quad conductor Speaker Cabinet Wiring harness with a Parallel out

We’ve re-designed the speaker cable from the inside out, by replacing the usual 2 conductors with 4 more flexible and efficient conductors. Then we replaced the bulky outer jacket with a Hi-Tech engineered Nylon Braid. The result is a lighter cable with better performance. This new design will allow for larger conductor sizes in a smaller package.

All the parts of this wiring harness are made in the USA with the same top-quality materials we use in our premium guitar and bass speaker cabs. All EarCandy harness systems are equipped with our “Cable retention system” technology.

The input jack features a full metal bore and 9/16″ Chrome plated steel nut. This 1/4″ (6.35 mm) jack uses heavy duty contacts that deliver top quality signal transfer performance with a heavy-duty chassis that excels in professional audio applications.

Click here for the jack cup installation instructions.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in

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