15 Feet ~ NOS Gavitt 7/20 Guitar & Amp Wire ~ May 5th, 1961 ~


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NOS Gavitt 7/20 Guitar & Amp Wire ~ May 5th, 1961 ~

This is a vintage tone hound’s dream. New old stock Gavitt 7/20 Guitar and amp building, restoration & repair wire from May 5th, 1961, 26 days before J. Hendrix enlisted in the Army. We cannot confirm that this IS the spool they used to wire some of his strats but it was confirmed to us that it is from the same lot# and was used to wire pre cbs Fender guitars, Bass’s and Fender amplifiers.

We have a limited quantity of this wire left. The spool itself is a collector’s item due to the fact it has the lot# and date stamp certificate still attached. Cut to length per order so if you order more than one 15 foot length, it will come in one long piece.

This was obtained from a previous FMIC employee and collector. This wire is in like new condition, it is not dry rotted, color faded, brittle or otherwise defective in any way.

You will receive 15 feet of 22 Gauge stranded, not solid, insulated Copper wire. 7 Strands of 30 GA. Gavitt Wire from the GAVITT WIRE & CABLE CO. ESCONDIDO, CA.

This conductor is made by twisting seven strands of #30AWG
wire together to make a overall gauge of 22 AWG (American wire gauge)

“Stranded” is the opposite of “solid”; where when “solid” the wire consists of
a single piece of copper and stranded, in this exact case means 7 strands of 30 AWG twisted together to make a total of 22 AWG wire.

22 is the equivalent gauge of the resulting bundle of Seven 30-gauge tinned copper wires. Wire gauge numbers are backwards, bigger numbers mean smaller wires; 14 AWG is theoretically twice in size in diameter not length than 28 gauge.

  • 15 feet of 22 Gauge stranded, not solid, insulated Copper wire.
  • White insulation with Green and Red stripes.
  • Pre tinned (fused or overcoat tinned) 7 strand.
  • Stays in place and is easy to snake through guitar cavity’s.
  • Heavily paraffin waxed cotton covered.
  • 22 gauge stranded pure copper wire with celanese inner wrap.
  • Made in The USA in 1961.

Manufactured by the Gavitt company that made wire for the pre-CBS Fender products to the exact same spec in the 50’s up until the CBS acquisition in 1965. Re wire your Strat, Tele, Fender jazz or P-Bass and fender amps or Les Paul with the real thing, this is not a reproduction item.

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