12 – 0.022uF Vintage NOS PETP Capacitors


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0.022uF Vintage NOS PETP Capacitors

  • USSR made high quality multipurpose Polyethylene terephtalatic PETP capacitors.
  • Overall dimensions: 10mm × 23 mm (without pins).
  • These are Russian version of the Mallory mustard cap.
  • This exact spec is used in many high end guitars.
  • These test with a more stable tolerance than the Mallory caps we have.
  • These are new, never used and come guaranteed tested and like new.
  • Sold in quantities of 12

Q. What is the difference between UF and MF?
They are both abbreviations for the same term: Microfarads.
Other common abbreviations are MF and UF.
The correct abbreviation is F, but over the years, the symbol ‘|U‘ has been displaced by the ‘U‘.

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