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The American Classic guitar speaker cabinets have the “Golden Ratio” dimensions, providing your guitar amp a stellar and solid foundation for classic, vintage American and British tones. constructed with EarCandy’s modern speaker cabinet construction technology. These cabinets are made with all 3/4-inch tone woods and have all steel hardware and 3/4-inch-tall rubber feet, tall enough to run a Microphone cable under the cabinet.
This cabinet line, often referred to as the ACV 1×15 2×12, 1×12, 2×10, 1×10 and 1×8 is simply an abbreviation for American, classic & vintage descriptors. EarCandy does not like to throw the word “vintage” around because it is way over used and mis-leading in its use by the many cookie cutter mass produced “speaker cabinet” manufacturers who staple together panels of MDF &  particle board then line a front panel with a “vintage” color grill cloth, rear load a guitar speaker and slap the “Vintage” moniker in the items name or title. This is why you will not see the word “Vintage” used in the title or product line titles or names in our American classic line but only in the description of the tones and dimensional ratios of our American classic guitar speaker product line.
What is considered “Vintage”? According to Meriam Webster: “Vintage” is a colloquialism commonly used to refer to all old styles of products. A generally accepted industry standard is that items made between 20 years ago and 100 years ago are considered “vintage” and they clearly reflect the styles and trends of the era they represent.
Due to the obvious fact that EarCandy speaker cabinets are currently made from current model year to current model year, they are NOT a “Vintage” product. The appropriate title would technically be “Vintage Modern” and this definition would be correct. A vintage or vintage modern design style makes full use of items with history that are either not part of a design style or are. A vintage modern design style focuses on mixing the old with the new, which is exactly what the EarCandy AC / American classic guitar speaker cabinet line is. We still feel injecting the word “Vintage” in the title, weather it is before or after the word “Modern” – Modern Vintage or Vintage Modern (seen depicted both ways across several definitions in our research to appropriately name this speaker cabinet line) is misleading search word terminology.
The EarCandy American classic speaker cabinets are not ported, have open, closed and combination back options, giving the user the most amount of versatility possible with a classic,” vintage” speaker cabinet design. You will notice the speakers offered in the menu of the cabs that do not come already loaded with out in house speaker line are oriented to more vintage and classic American and British tones. While sticking to the Golden ratio dimensions and vintage / classic speaker cabinet designs of past music genre’s, The EarCandy AC line of guitar speaker cabinetry provides a more lively and warmer tone set with more definition, sustain, body, depth, and wider sound dispersion.
The EarCandy American classic / vintage speaker cabinet models are hand constructed with the same modern panel tone jointing, framed house, and floating baffle design tech that Ear Candy’s high-end ported cabs are constructed with. The AC line of speaker cabinets are engineered to provide those unmistakably classic and vintage tones, coupled with a few modern construction and material improvements, keeping the classic and vintage tone expectations easily obtainable while providing noticeable and desired improvements. Our AC line of guitar speaker cabinets have the same lifetime warranty, are made with the same top shelf tone woods, and adorned with the same highest quality American made hardware that our premier high-end ported cabs are made of.