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The Mini 1x6

An EarCandy Mini 1x6 Guitar amp speaker cabinet in Tweed with Black Hardware, A Wheat cloth grill and strap handle.

The Mini 1×6 is a large sounding cab with a wide sound dispersion. It is perfect for those .5 to 30 watt tube amps because the cab is fast reacting with a lot of clarity. This cab lets your amps tone shine through and does not color your tone. The 1×6 has plenty of Bass, Mid’s and Highs and is very perceptive to changes in your amps tone stack or Eq.


Big sound comes from small enclosures

The Sovereign 1x12

Featured in Guitar World’s Gear Review

by editor, Billy Voight,

Like all of our ported cabs, the back of the Sovereign is closed and sealed. The front of the Sovereign consists of a ¾” twin ported floating baffle. The projection of the Sovereign 1×12 presents a nice warm woody tone that is natural and organic in its delivery. We have a lot of professional touring artist that are loving these cabs for their compact size, excellent tone and large projection.


The BuzzBomb 2x12

A Revolution In Tone
The EarCandy BuzzBomb 2x12 twin ported guitar amplifier speaker cabinet in Black

The Buzzbomb was created by guitar players for guitar players. This 2×12 has an unlimited ability to grasp and project that chest pumping low sound that seems to become muddy or disappear from a common 2×12 or 4×12 cab. The BuzzBomb also projects the sweet bell part of your tone coupled with a full, warm top end that cuts through with authority and definition. With 7 color options & 49 Guitar Speaker combinations, your imagination is only the beginning.


The Legba 4X12

The Keeper of the Gates of Sound
The EarCandy Legba 4x12 Stadium and outdoor venue level guitar amplification speaker cabinet


The Legba 4×12 is the largest sounding cab with the widest sound dispersion in the world. It is perfect for large and outdoor venues. Legba is fast reacting with a clarity, depth and warmth that will cut through any mix. It lets your amps tone shine through and does not color your tone. Legba has more adjustable Bass, Mids and Highs than any guitar cab the guitar industry is accustomed to and is very perceptive to changes in your amps tone stack or Eq.