The New Ear Candy Shirley 1x12

10 pounds, 150 watts, fits in overhead compartments and book bags.

The Ear Candy Mini 1x6

We have a perfect match for your Greta amp, our Mini 1x6. Click on the picture for more information.

EarCandy Mini Cabs

EarCandy is offering 1x and 2x6 guitar cabs for those micro mini rigs.

Hand made Custom Wiring Harness's

1x 2x and 4x wiring harness configurations available. All hand made point to point silver soldered with 15 Gage HD Speaker Wire.

Sound clips coming soon!!

The EarCandy Mini 1x6

Miniaturize the size but not the tone!

Speaker Break In

Now You can break in your guitar speakers in 5 hours!

FX Pedal Boards

Check out our new "Viking Ship" line of Pedal Boards